About Us
Karman Drones' mission is to imagine and build drones that improve human existence and are safe and reliable. We are a small team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about the future of drones, and the future of humanity.
Karman Diaries

We are a bunch of dreamers with a childlike passion for flight.

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Our Team

Our team of engineers who share a passion for building and flying UAVs and the challenges that come with them.

Anand, the founder and CEO of Karman Drones, is a visionary leader who is driven by relentless pursuit of new heights. With profound understanding of the aerospace field and a continuous learning mentality, Anand is always seeking opportunities to propel Karman Drones forward. Outside of his professional endeavors, Anand finds joy in the world of video games. He also cherishes spending time with like-minded individuals, engaging in discussions that ignite his curiosity and inspire new ideas.
Anand Sengar
Founder & CEO
Pavan is Lead Systems Engineer who has been an integral part of Karman Drones since its inception. With his deep understanding of UAVs, he brings a wealth of technical expertise to the table. Beyond his professional achievements, Pavan finds joy in outdoor games, engaging in physical activities that keep him energized and motivated. Additionally, Pavan relishes the freedom of long drives, finding solace and inspiration on the open road.
Pavan Shetty
Lead Systems Engineer
Mohit is Lead Technician and Drone Pilot at Karman Drones. Mohit thrives on constant challenges and pushes himself to acquire new skills, finding both stimulation and reward in his professional growth. Outside of his work responsibilities, Mohit finds enjoyment in playing outdoor games, embracing the spirit of competition and physical activity. He also indulges in the world of movies and web series, appreciating the storytelling and entertainment they offer.
Mohit Tiwari
Lead Technician
Adarsh is an Aerospace Engineer at Karman Drones. With a specialization in Aircraft Design and Performance Optimization Adarsh's strengths extend beyond technical prowess. When he's not immersed in his professional responsibilities, Adarsh finds joy in pursuing his hobbies. He loves singing, using his voice to express himself and entertain others. He also enjoys engaging in outdoor games, embracing the thrill of physical activity and friendly competition.
Adarsh Tiwari
Aerospace Engineer
Sayantan is an Aerodynamics Specialist at Karman Drones. With focus on optimizing flight performance and leveraging computational fluid dynamics, Sayantan plays a pivotal role in ensuring the aerodynamic efficiency. When it's time to unwind, Sayantan finds joy in the world of video games, immersing himself in virtual adventures and challenges. As an avid football fan, Sayantan finds excitement in following the sport and supporting his favorite teams.
Sayantan Chaudhuri
Lead Aerodynamics Engineer
Aryan's expertise lies in combining his knowledge of aerospace engineering with software development. He never shy away from learning new technologies, making him the techy all-rounder in our team. Apart from work, he relishes outdoor activities, with swimming being one of his favorites, allowing him to rejuvenate and connect with nature.
Aryan Ghadge
Flight Software Engineer
Rakesh is a Growth Engineer at Karman Drones. Collaboration lies at the heart of Rakesh's work philosophy, recognizing that successful teamwork often involves working with diverse perspectives and embracing differing opinions. Outside of his professional endeavors, Rakesh's passions extend to exploring new mobility technologies and embarking on adventures to unfamiliar destinations.
Rakesh Verma
Growth Engineer
Shailendra is a manufacturing technician.
Shailendra Kumar
Deekshith is a systems engineering intern.
Deekshith Prabhu
Systems Engineer
Our Board

Our Board of Directors who always pull us out of the trees to see the forest

Rohit Sakunia
Tejender Sharma
Vaibhav Singh
Our Mentor

Seasoned veterans from diverse backgrounds keep us grounded.

Dr. A.K. Ghosh
Sanket Agarwal