About Us
Karman Drones' mission is to imagine and build drones that improve human existence and are safe and reliable. We are a small team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about the future of drones, and the future of humanity.
Karman Diaries

We are a bunch of dreamers with a childlike passion for flight.

team imageteam image
team imageteam image
Our Team

Our team of engineers who share a passion for building and flying UAVs and the challenges that come with them.

Anand Sengar
Founder & CEO
Pavan Shetty
Lead Systems Engineer
Mohit Tiwari
Lead Technician
Adarsh Tiwari
Aerospace Engineer
Sayantan Chaudhuri
Lead Aerodynamics Engineer
Srishti Singh
Senior Software Engineer
Aryan Ghadge
Aeronautical Design Engineer
Rakesh Verma
Growth Engineer
Our Board

Our Board of Directors who always pull us out of the trees to see the forest

Rohit Sakunia
Tejender Sharma
Vaibhav Singh
Our Mentor

Seasoned veterans from diverse backgrounds keep us grounded.

Dr. A.K. Ghosh