10 KM*
Operational Range
50 Minutes
True Endurance
6 KG
Takeoff Weight
8-10 M/S
Cruise Speed
Setting the standards for High-Altitude Surveillance
Takeoff Altitude: 5500m AMSL
Operational Temp: -20°C TO 60°C
Classic Brilliance, Amped Up Performance!
Pratham Pros capabilities allow you to remotely plan missions, automate flight and navigate large distances.
Engineered for High-Altitude

Pratham Pros core design concept revolves around surveillance at high altitude. Keeping this in mind, it has been engineered with a variety of features to help it withstand the harsh environments. A highly ruggedized structure complemented with multiple GPS for redundancy and foldable propellers for ease of transport make it the go-to solution for surveillance in mountainous and high altitude areas.

Pratham boxed