Empowering Flight
Karman GCS
Be in control.
The center of your drone operations. KarmanGCS allows you to plan, execute and take to the skies within minutes, enhancing your flight experience.
Simplified Planning
Plan in minutes
Plan the most complicated missions in minutes. The planning UI is designed to be beginner freindly, while at the same time allows space for experts to fine tune the tiny details in their missions.
Structure Scans
Structure scans allow you to assess the condition of any structure, plan maintenance and much more. These can be fine-tuned for any structure, allowing you to customize according to your need.
Survey Scans
Utilize survey scans to thoroughly examine an area of choice. Choose from pre-defined patterns or create your own with our tracing tool.
Peace of mind
Absolute Safety
Failsafes protect your UAVs in the event of an emergency such as battery low, RC Link loss. Easily create geofences to prevent your UAVs from flying into restricted areas.
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Lets improve your flying experience today. Together.